Tuesday, February 26, 2013

E.T. Roundtable - Episode Five: "Number One With A Bullet (To The Head)"

In their fifth episode, the E.T. crew risk bowels, brain cells and ear drums to review Billboard's "Hot" Top Ten.

Other topics of discussion include:
  • The music business is badly overdue for an enema!  Will it ever happen again and, if so, should we even bother to use lube this time?  
  • What do Mariah Carey, Fall Out Boy, Katy Perry and Paul Anka all have in common?  
  • What band would you like to see elevated into the zeitgeist of pop culture, but not so much that they get all conceited and douchey?  
  • What auditory transgressions make you want to Hulk-rage on a song? 
  • If you could reboot radio and the charts from scratch, how would you do it? 
  • What prerequisites must a tune possess in order to avoid triggering your gag reflex?

Post-Listening Palate-Cleansers:

And here's some info on Acres and Acres.  

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