Thursday, August 9, 2012

E.T. Roundtable - Episode One: "He's The Goddamned Batman!"

In our inaugural episode, the E.T. gang sound off on the following diverse topics:
  • "Chris Nolan is a talentless hack."  Or at least that's what a certain contingent of anonymous, whiney, dickless, fanboys are saying on the Internet about The Dark Knight Rises.   
  • Is The Amazing Spider-Man the reboot equivalent of a screen door on a submarine?  
  • The Hobbit suddenly becomes three films instead of two.  Epic storytelling or cynical cash grab?  
  • The new X-Men film will feature the Days of Future Past storyline.  Will studio pinheads try to incorporate the Shi'ar, Apocalypse, the Brood, Proteus, Dark Phoenix, The Morlocks and the Fall of the Mutants story line as well?           
  • The 23'rd Bond film Skyfall gets a promising new trailer.  Is this 007's Batman Begins?       

The Afflicted

Michael Chiasson is a movie, music and gaming connoisseur, a talented musician and vocalist and an unrepentant Star Wars prequel apologist.  For the record he is not one of the reasons why ET has an adult warning and most if us feel sorta guilty about surrounding him with a bunch of assholes.  If you aren't convinced that Mike's one of the nicest human beings on the planet by the end of the podcast then check out his blog for proof positive.   

Dean Langley is a pop culture scientist, a rabid console, PC and tabletop gamer, as well as an A-list contrarian.  He's also at least half the reason why Entertainment Tourettes comes with an adult warning label.

Sarah MacDonald single-handedly gives our motley crew some semblance of legitimacy. In addition to being an major authority on the horror film genre, Sarah is the diligent cartoonist behind the kitty-riffic webcomic Bunk.  She's also supremely confident that she'll be able to do her part to justify the site's content warning on a regular basis.

Mark Rose is a comic book fiend as well as a movie and T.V. junkie who holds nothing but contempt for what passes as entertainment today in Hollywood.  He also has a Rain Man-like capacity to remember everything that's happened in the music industry in the past thirty years.   Mark will also be the first to admit that he's another major reason as to why this blog is "adults only".

David Pretty is your host and moderator-in-vain.  You can read his entertainment reviews right here at ET., check out his table top gaming blog, or witness him yammer on incessantly about totally random crap via his Emblogification Capture Device.  Oh, yeah, he also wrote some crappy book.  Unlike his fellow panelists, he's polite to a fault and wouldn't dream of using profanity.

Making Sense of the Blurtings

South Park Season Five Episode One "It Hits The Fan", Bronies, Was Tom Waits The Inspiration for Health Ledger's Joker?, Damian Wayne.  


  1. Thank you all for letting me be a part of this! Here's the article I read about Inception's score:

  2. The pleasure was all mine, sir. It wouldn't have been the same without youze...