Monday, August 1, 2011

TV Review: "Chuck" Season Four by Michael Chiasson

Chuck was recommended to me by dear friends, who were right on the money - this was my kind of show. Its central character is a guy who doesn't have quite enough education or motivation to do what he thinks he could do, there are a lot of "retail" jokes which I love, and the amount of times they re-use the same set (the Best Buy / Future Shop clone - Buy More) is awesomely laughable.

For the first three seasons of Chuck, I have been guilty of being a casual watcher. I love the concept, the actors are charming and unique, and the show is worth some chortles from time to time. My main reason for writing this bit, though, is to document my transformation from watching while playing solitaire, to yelling at the TV at the end of an episode, which took place during the latest season to air, Season Four.

The Chuck team has truly stepped it up to an awesome level, by neglecting one thing - playing it safe. The show so far has been pretty much a "will they"/"won't they" game between Chuck and his lovely chaperon Sarah Walker (CIA agent extraordinaire). That works for a bit, but it gets old fast.

Check out this clip promoting the show when it first came out:

Kinda corny, but they made it work.

I'd go into detail about why you should really watch Chuck, but I'm new to recommending without spoiling, so I'll simply say this: If you've never seen the show because someone wasn't kind enough to recommend it to you before - here's that recommendation. If you're a fan of the show who lapsed because it got too much to bear - step back on board.


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